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Spent the whole day lounging around the cabin by myself, drinking fresh tea and playing hermit and pressing all the plants I could gather.

Got some All-Heal, St. Johnswort, blue and white Campanula, pink Thyme, Yarrow, Swamp Dewberry, Lavender, and two little Monotropa uniflora.

Fresh heal-all tea with the flowers that are around here.

Fresh heal-all tea with the flowers that are around here.

The cabin where we’re staying right now.


Tomorrow I’m leaving for the White Mountains! I’ll be gone until Sunday.

As such, I’ll be leaving my shop open during this time, and taking orders, and adding listings from my phone, but please understand that there will be slight shipping delays during this time. I’ll try to get to the post office in the town I’m staying in once or twice during the period but I can’t guarantee that’s possible.

To make up for this, I’ll be running a sale during my absence! Starting tomorrow, until Saturday, use the coupon code “ALPINE” at checkout for 20% off any purchase. I’ll leave this coupon code in the shop announcement along with the notification of my absence.

It goes without saying that if you were thinking of ordering anything, I urge you to do it tonight if you want your order guaranteed shipped out tomorrow.

Thank you so much, and have a wonderful week!