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thistimewhereareyouhouston replied to your post: Just a little update, I haven’t purcha…

I have a Nikon and I LOVE it

I’m torn, haha. I’ve had professional photographers tell me they prefer Nikons, but then people with beautiful product shots saying go for the Rebel line because they’re great for stationary subjects. I might still go with the Nikon if I can find an inexpensive refurbished macro lens.

What do you have?

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when I worked in a camera shop I was always a fan of canons or nikons. I’ve got a canon t2i for my product shots, its pretty nice.

You do have beautiful product shots. What lens do you use, primarily?

thistimewhereareyouhouston replied to your post: Just a little update, I haven’t purcha…

Ive always been fond of any Canon Rebel DSLRs. They’re fairly inexpensive but shoot well and I usually use off-brand comparable lenses like Sigma, Tamron or Vivitar.

That’s a sentiment I keep hearing echoed. I know nothing of the line but I think I’m going to start researching that instead of the Nikon train I was on earlier, and see if that doesn’t better suit what I’m looking for.

Just a little update, I haven’t purchased the camera yet from the retailer I was going to purchase from because, upon closer inspection, I realized I could do better for the money, but now I’m lost in the sea of cameras and lenses. I’ll hopefully decide and order one this evening but if anyone’s got any knowledge about DSLR cameras and want to shoot me some tips or chat it up, I’d love that.

Hurra, I found a nice blog to follow when searching for obscure plants in latin~ Love your minimalistic jewelry style! Wish I could buy one ;( Cheers!

Thank you so much! Haha, I knew tagging my things in never-searched Linnean names would pay off some day.

evolving-flesh replied to your post: <3

Aaaaah!!! You did it!!!

I know!! I never really expected to make it all the way, I always figured I was going to have to eat significant costs, but dragonschilde swooped in unexpectedly and donated the last bit.

I really am too excited to sleep. I’ll make a formal thank you post tomorrow after I purchase the camera (assuming I do decide to get it at the retail store).