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Well then it’s settled; I’ll try to get some of my pieces modeled. I’d like to be the model myself but that would involve me finding someone even moderately decent at taking photos.

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love it - i know how it looks on, how it sits, etc

I love it, too. It’s just come to my attention, recently, though, that there’s some people in the world that get weirded out receiving a piece of jewelry knowing it’s been worn by someone else. A few people said they wouldn’t buy it if they saw a model wearing it.

For the life of my I cannot understand that thinking, but I was curious as to others’ opinions.

I’ve got a question for you lovely people. How do you feel about one of a kind necklaces being photographed on a model on Etsy? Like, you know for a fact that the necklace you see being worn by a person in the photo is the same one you are going to receive?

Wild Thyme Resin Pendant now for sale on Etsy.

"Oh the summer time is coming, and the trees are sweetly bloomin’, and the wild mountain thyme blooms across the purple heather."

New England Aster Resin Pendant now for sale on Etsy